Broaden your Skills

by namskies

Take the time to expand your skill set.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be an analytical genius, or the worlds greatest multitasker – But you’ll be one step closer to being a well-rounded person.

Dabble in things here and there – you may not not necessarily excel in everything that you expose yourself to, but doing so will allow you to discover what you actually like, and what you really can’t stand. I thought the idea of Geocaching was ridiculous. I tried it, and I still think it’s ridiculous. But atleast I tried it! And now, my opinion on the activity itself holds a lot more weight. On the flip side – who knows, you may discover what you are truly passionate about!

I really wish I took the time to broaden my skills growing up. I may not have become a Jack of All Trades by now, but it would have been nice to know how to rollerblade, or swim… I’d love to be able to network over a round of Golf, but it would be far too embarassing to risk it.

Broaden your skill set. You’ll never know when it will come in handy.

Trust me – you don’t want to be snorkeling in the US Virgin Islands with a pool noodle… Especially if you’re the only adult amongst a group of children using it.