Top 5 No-No’s at a Company Party

by namskies

Pull it together!

Though it may seem like a good idea at the time, try not to be the life of the party at every party. Especially if it is a Company Holiday Party.

Here’s why: Upon entry at your place of employment, you will hear long-winded whispers about you as you walk by. You will feel eyes full of judgement on you at all times. You will convince yourself that these things are occuring on each floor of your building between the hours of 9 to 5, even if they’re not. You’ll end up chaining yourself to your desk, because if you don’t make any sudden movements people may not remember you… You will refrain from socializing with colleagues until you fall off the radar – and who knows how long that will take!

1. Don’t take shots with your supervisor – even if it is her birthday.

2. Don’t own the dance floor – Your co-workers don’t know that you’re a dance-machine, nor can they handle your moves.

3. Do not get in the photobooth to take What-Seemed-to-be-Outrageously-Hilarious photos with your date: They will likely end up on facebook.

4. Do not get HR to take 10+ photos of you and your date – especially if he works for the same company…

5. No matter how cozy that lobby chair looks, do not nap in it before you make your exit. Not even if your jacket seems like it would make the perfect blanket. 

Please, keep me in mind when someone hands you their spare drink tickets at the next Office Holiday Party.  You won’t regret it.