Keep it Real

by namskies

Humble yourself from time to time.

The world does not revolve around you. It will never revolve around you. Keep that in mind.

Give yourself a reality check every so often, because you truly are an insignificant spec in the grand scheme of things. The luxuries that we complain about are laughable, embarassing even. But sometimes, our bubbles are often so congested that it’s difficult to recognize that there is life outside of ourselbayves.

I remember sailing throughout Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, literally uttering the words “this is life.” Not only was the sight itself breathtaking, but knowing that the formations I saw before me had been there for millions of years moved me. To see something that existed long before my time, and that will continue to exist long after I’m gone made me feel so insignificant, so humble – and that’s exactly what I needed. Experiences like this is what it’s all really about – far from the guy who never texted you back, or the data plan which is reaching new height$. There is so much out there that is actually happening – focus on that.

The next time you find yourself cursing the Heaven’s about how awful life has been to you, ask yourself – how much will this actually matter in the grand scheme of things? Five years from now, will you remember the guy that cut you off on the DVP and ruined your entire morning? Probably not.

Enjoy the bigger picture. There are greater fish to fry, and larger slices of cake to be had. Don’t cloud your headspace with things that realistically don’t matter.