Laugh Often

by namskies

Laugh at least five minutes a day.

Laugh to yourself. Laugh with others. Laugh even when the joke isn’t all that funny. Laugh until it becomes natural.

Laugh it off, and never take yourself too seriously.

I truly regret the amount of time that I have spent analyzing, complaining, whining and crying over something that I have no control over. So often, I found myself feeling distressing emotions over the most bizarre happenings – granted, some of them were in fact legitimate. As a hypersensitive individual, I immediately find myself putting my guard up if someone sends me a text message that lacks an “lol” or concludes a sentence with a period instead of an exclamation mark. I fall into this spiraling frenzy of asking myself how I may have offended them, or  why they could be upset with me. I’ve even held grudges against girlfriends who won’t unfriend an ex-boyfriend on Facebook. I’ve allowed these things to consume me, only to realize that no one bears the burden of all that negativity except for me. And tread carefully,  because sometimes, all that negativity festering within us can outweigh good intentions. 

But what’s the point? It’s so much easier to be happy. It’s so much easier to let things roll off your back and laugh about them – better for your health, too! Who wouldn’t want to absorb all the benefits of laughter! Why stress about something you can’t change when you could be laughing it off (and boosting your immune system, and releasing endorphins, and increasing your blood flow – have I sold you on this yet?!) Laugh harder. You’ll live longer.

Laughter is contagious – it is a social cue for mimicry. And there is nothing more satisfying than leaving someone happier than they were before they bumped into you. Be cognizant of the power of laughter. Embed it into your daily routine. I’ve included a video for your reference:

So when life kicks you down and leaves you bruised and battered (and it will), just remember to take it with a grain of salt.  

Don’t take life too seriously. No one gets out alive.