Invest Wisely

by namskies

Be careful with who you invest your time in.

 Though you may have good intentions, more often than not, the people you’re known to fancy do not. Relationships are supposed to be like investments. The more you invest, the greater the return. But recognize when people are not worth the effort. Often, we find ourselves investing so much time, money and emotion into another human being.  But be selective: time is a precious thing, and we truly are the company we keep. So choose wisely.

In relationships, my maternal instinct has always reared its ugly head. I have always been someone who gives. I have invested so much of myself – my time,my money, my feelings – into people, who at the end of the day, smiled and shrugged, but never really showed me the same type of dedication. And, when this effort wasn’t reciprocated, my instinct was to up the ante – I’d give more and more. After all was said and done, I would be left exhausted, and drained, and so emotionally spent. I really just thought that if maybe I kept giving, they would suddenly “get it” – they would magically understand. That was never the case, and it was always an awful feeling.  These people were terrible investments. There were no returns, there weren’t any profits to be had. And the more I surrounded myself with these specific type of people (that’s right, emotionally unavailable and highly dysfunctional is my type) the more terrible I would feel about myself. People like this really allow you to lose sight of your worth.  They make you forget your unique layers, and charming qualities. If you can see that some people are not capable of appreciating all of you, than have the courage to cut them out. 

There isn’t time to waste pining over, convincing, or forcing relationships to work. The love we give is supposed to be the love we get. But if it truly isn’t, have the strength to walk away. You will thank yourself later.

Be selective.

Afterall, wasting time is far worse than wasting money.