Grace and Dignity

by namskies

Always carry yourself with Grace and Dignity.

I wish I had realized this growing up, spending countless hours trying to mend my broken-teenaged heart.

In an attempt to salvage what seemed to be  The Relationship of a Lifetime with everyone from David to Sean, Hardeep to Adam, and even Mackenzie (and so on and so on), I allowed myself to act out of desperation and angst. I would fight with each and every one of these people to prove to them how graceful and pleasant I could be, instead of actually being graceful or pleasant at all. My Post-break up behaviour really didn’t benefit me in any capacity. It negated anything great about the relationships I had with each of these people, and what’s worse: It branded me as the “crazy ex.” Great. There is absolutely nothing that drives me more crazy, than being called Crazy. 

I wish I had recognized the concept of grace and dignity early on. Not only would it have allowed me to appreciate and embrace my innate value as a person, but it would have saved me the tears and heartache I tried so desperately to avoid. Not to mention, I probably would have had the opportunity to maintain friendships with the people I sent running in the opposite direction.  

Regardless of the situation that you’re faced with – whether it’s personal or professional – always act with Grace and Dignity. These are the only things that no one can ever strip you of. You are a reflection of all that you believe in – hold yourself accountable to that. Carry yourself in such a way, that if you came up in conversation, no one would have anything poor to say about you. Put the effort in to be polite and pleasant as frequently as you can, because the energy you emit will always find its way back to you.